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San Diego Referrals, Inc. Can Network Your Business!

Let the entire San Diego Referrals, Inc. membership be your sales force!

A San Diego Business Networking Group since 1994, San Diego Referrals, Inc. is an organization of business people dedicated to bettering their careers through the exchange of social and professional contacts.

San Diego Referrals, Inc. generates referrals among our members to expand business contacts and grow our membership’s businesses.

To ensure that our members benefit by joining San Diego Referrals, Inc., we limit membership in each business category to only one member and strive to avoid any conflicts of interest.  Our members are dynamic and each one commits time and effort to help their fellow members succeed.

Our Meetings:

San Diego Referrals, Inc. meets mornings from 7:00am to 8:30am at The Souplantation, 7095 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117

Following brief announcements, selected speakers from the membership are given the opportunity to make an oral presentation about their businesses. Each member has the opportunity to speak every few months. Additionally, a few times quarterly, we have table topics, where members sit at a table with 4-6 other members and discuss one another’s business.  At the conclusion of the oral presentations or table topics every member has 30 seconds to tout their business’ products or services, often expressing how being a San Diego Referrals, Inc.member has helped grow their business. Before, during and after meeting San Diego Referrals, Inc. members also exchange valuable business referrals with their fellow members and guests.


Guests are welcome! Your first two breakfasts are on San Diego Referrals, Inc., it is our hope that you will want to be a member.  As a guest, at your first meeting, be prepared to introduce yourself to our members. Guests are given the opportunity to present their own 60 second commercial about their business and to describe the type of clients/customers they are looking to attract. Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards or promotional material to hand out at the meeting.  So long as your business doesn’t conflict with an existing member, you are welcome to come to a second San Diego Referrals, Inc. meeting. You will be given a membership application.

When you attend your second meeting, you will be introduced as a second-time guest. As a second time guest, we ask that you only give your company name and a brief overview of your business.  Guests don’t participate in the post-presentation or table topics  30 seconds members business touts.

How to Join:

Come as a guest to one of the weekly San Diego Referrals, Inc. breakfast meetings. We are seeking new members for any open category.  As a first step, before coming to your first San Diego Referrals, Inc. breakfast meeting, please review the San Diego Referrals, Inc. membership and confirm there is no current member in your same business specialty. Please be sensitive to the possibility that your business specialty may be in conflict with an existing member.  If there is a conflict, please do not attend one of the weekly San Diego Referrals, Inc. breakfast meetings.  If there is any uncertainty about whether your business specialty currently conflicts with that of an existing member, if you are being sponsored by an existing member, ask them. Also, feel free to contact the member with whom there may be a conflict and ask them.  You can also contact our Membership Chair, Courtland Young. His phone number at 858-337-6317 or his email at courtlandy@gmail.com.

Meetings take place at 7:00am – 8:30am: The Souplantation, 7095 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117