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Michael T Grewe

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SMarketing – Smart Marketing Ideas

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SMarketing” is a contraction of the words “Smart” and “Marketing.”

SMarketing is in the business of helping our clients with their marketing efforts. This is the core meaning of our tagline “Smart Marketing Ideas.”

Some thoughts on marketing commitment:

It’s a verifiable truth that the marketing a business does or doesn’t do today directly effects their business’ success in the future.

What is the meaning of this statement? Simply put, a business’ marketing efforts should be ongoing. Marketing pays dividends with consistency and persistence.

The want of a business’ marketing commitment will be reflected in the cashflow, profits, sales, quotas or other tangible results important to that business.

The greater the commitment a business makes their marketing efforts, the better off their business will likely be in the weeks and months ahead.

Undoubtedly, when a business slows down or stops their marketing efforts “things” will get worse, not better.

Moreover, if a business ceases their marketing commitment, it’s as if they have decided not to pursue new business opportunities or prospects.

Marketing is a mixture of part Art, part Science. How much of each is part of the exuberance of marketing.

The “Art” part of this mixture are the actual marketing mediums employed.

The Medium is the Message,” coined by Marshall McLuhan, means that the type of medium used embeds itself in any message transmitted or conveyed, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the “medium” influences how the message is perceived.

The “Science” part of this marketing duo is to evaluate the results of a business’ marketing efforts and eliminate the marketing campaigns that net little or no results and expand on the marketing campaigns that prove effective.

If you haven’t already begun this process or would like to rethink your current marketing strategies here is no time like the present to contact SMarketing to schedule a free to review your business’ marketing strategies.

Our goal is to help bring our clients smart marketing ideas to life!

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